The main areas of IMC’s activities are: cultivation of grain & oilseeds crops;storage of grain & oilseeds crops; dairy farming.

Key facts

120 ths haLand bank

554 ths tGrain & oilseeds storage capacities

777 ths tProduction of grain & oilseeds in 2020

4.4 ths tProduction of milk in 2020

USD 161.4 mlnRevenue in 2020

USD 71.8 mlnEBITDA in 2020


30.04.2021 IMC on the financial results of 2020

IMC Revenue in 2020 amounted to USD 161.4 million (-5% y-o-y). The slight decrease in revenue is due to lower sales of grain and oilseeds because of lower harvest in 2020. 98% of revenues were received from crop farming, 1% from dairy farming and 1% from grain storage services. The share of export revenue amounted to 78%.

The company's EBITDA in 2020 increased by 83% to USD 71.8 million, and Net profit increased more than 4 times to USD 31.7 million (vs. USD 7.3 million in 2019). Significant increase in prices for grain and oilseeds grown by the company was the main reason for the growth of IMC's profitability in 2020.

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